1-3) There were a lot of little macs here ready for smash, Captain Marvel tried taking on a little mac and ended up getting knocked out!

4-5) Its Morphing time! I seriously really loved the Ninja Trials Green ranger costume.

6-7) The finest solders the empire could offer!

8-10) Always good to see an ODST at a con. : D

1) These guys were awesome, seriously will dress up like this with a friend one day.

2-3)Found Marty near the Delorean and with his friends we went back to the future! : ‘D

4) These two were a gr8!!!!!!!!

5) She was real fun to hang with by the Homestuck booth.

6) That lil Slugger a symbol of justice xD;

7) These two were adorable!

8-9) Narutopool and i couldn’t believe it! But yeah i got a good chuckle about the idea, always love deadpool mixes.

Looks like the Mushroom kingdom is getting ready to join in on the Hyrule warriors

Hey there everyone, im sorry that  i have been a bit inactive. I have had a really bad cold for the last 2 days and today im finally  starting to feel better. I’ll start posting the rest of the Supercon stuff later tonight if i get the chance.

1) Found a Silk Spectre and Auron and these two were awesome.

2) Luis was ready for action ( Missed the chance to ask him about pills)

3) It felt perfect running into Green arrow by the SFL CW lol

4) Kim possible and Ron stoppable and rufus were on the job.

5) Cosplay Medics always there to help out. They’ve helped me patch up my sign numerous times.^_^

6) Was wondering if Naota was going to swing the bat! ( But seriously always love running into FLCL)

7) Ran into the Doctor have to love the scarf!

8) SQUALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! ( There was a Selphie and a Rinoah at the con, missed the chance to ask all of them to form a party and run in circles heha.)

9) These guys were awesome to hang around at the wrestling event, they were hoping to be a part of the event but they couldn’t.

10) zatanna and im not to sure what her friend was cosplaying as if anyone knows message me plz ^-^


The poor Jolteon did not stand a chance…

Finally get a chance to post  from Supercon 2014, going to see if i can post or at least half of them by the end of the night.

1-2) Took a picture of Naked snake and then all the sudden got CQC’ed!

3) Ran into a Rinoah and a black rock shooter? ( Im not to sure what his cosplay was if anyone knows message me ^_^ )

4) That Robtnik is up to no good!

5) SNK and South park combo

6) That six flags guy was dancing up a storm in the con!

7) Had a good conversation about the old and new spiderman movies with Spidey.

8) Took a couple of selfies with Deadpools.

9) Found not one but two Waldos!

10) Scarlet Witch and im not to sure who her friend was dressed up as, but they were really nice to talk to. ( Im pretty curious to know who she cosplayed as if anyone knows l message me ^-^ )

Tales of Games needs more attention

I just found the Tales of Games Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9BjGVxULXf8jmm_rp9OXQ And i was surprised to see it only had just 500 subscribers. Come on guys show your love and support for TOG and subscribe to them and tell your friends about them.

Someone should pick up the phone because i so called it.!

But honestly though, i was hoping it would be something more down the line later in the series. I feel like it would be to soon if they would go all out with relationships. At the same time i am hoping it isn’t a cliche arc that ends up with Jaune and phyrra getting together or dare i say it jaune getting together with Weiss! (I can dream too y’know) But yeah please Monty do not rush in any relationships and make them a main focus right now. Just let them all develop slowly as the series goes by.