Got my friend to play Charles Barkley shut up and jam gaiden

After playing for half an hour he just ended up dying to Dead Ref’s. He wasn’t prepared and ran out of items, the refs kept on spawning others refs and fouled him to death xD

Edit: He has been having troubles doing this perplexing puzzle for the last 15 minutes now and just reloaded the save file to reset the puzzle.



He finally finished the puzzle after 45 minutes i kid you not heha.


It was nice meeting you Lana, Rest In Peace.

It was nice meeting you Lana, Rest In Peace.

Mashes so perfectly i shed a tear xD

This feels so nature like its real xD

This is just so darn amazing!

Hey guys, sorry i haven’t been posting as much lately. Work and school has been keeping me busy, i’ll be posting regularly next week.


So I just figured this out today.

Pyrrha Nikos, she’s won a lot of tournaments, and as she said she’s been put up on a pedestal and everyone assumes she’s too good for them.

Weiss has said that all her life boys only cared about the perks of her last name, causing her to reject Jaune time and…

RWBY Volume 2 Episode 7 - Team JNPR Dance

Favorite moment of the episode!

We’re up all night ‘til the sun
We’re up all night to get some
We’re up all night for good fun
We’re up all night to get lucky

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 Wake me up when September ends..