Mystery Shiny Pokemon Giveaway

Now That I have enough time on my hand it’s time to finally do another shiny giveaway!

In order to participate in the giveaway all you have to do is just like and reblog this post to enter. Now if you entered in my previous giveaway just message me  and you’ll have a better chance at winning. Except for the previous winner (testies305) who will have the same chances as every other normal entries.

How is this going to play out:

First I will message all the winners one by one and then from there If you are picked to get a shiny you will need to reply within 24 hours otherwise I will have to pick another entry. I will continue to do this until I have 6 winners. From there to have the order of who gets to pick first I will write down all the names of the winners on pieces of papers and then put them in a hat. And then I will have one of my friends randomly pick the papers out from the hat and give them to me. So if you are the first person to pick a shiny you will get to choose between 1-6. And once that number is picked I will mark it unchoosable and the next person in line chooses between the remaining numbers. The sixth person will get the last remaining unused number. Once that is over I will message the winners and exchange friend codes and find out what are good times to trade.

The rules:

  • Do not reblog this more than once
  • Do not use more than one account to enter please
  • You need to have your inbox open
  • You need Pokemon X or Y
  • You do not have to follow me in order to enter the giveaway!

Starting next Friday I will start picking people, and as I said before if I get enough entries in this giveaway I promise to have another one the next time i get the opportunity.  ^_^

This blog isn’t dead.

Hey there guys, i am so sorry for not updating frequently. I thought that once i no longer had a job i would have a lot more free time on my hand. But boy was i wrong, had a big workload and looking for a new job has kept me at bay majority of the time. However since the semester is almost over i should be able to start posting regularly again. First thing Im going to post about is the shiny pokemon give away and then weissgold stuff and finally gotta post all of my photos from Animate Miami  * extremely late with posting these* Also i’ve been thinking about posting my own drawings here but not sure yet. Until then catch ya! ^_^

My very first day on the job right up to the very last, i’ve been working at my local Blockbuster since 2012. In my time working there for almost two years i had  met so many people, learned a lot of movie trivia, and my peers i worked were the best. There were a lot of good times and bad but overall i am going to miss it all so much R.I.P Store 12530.


The new year is here and i have a great feeling that 2014 is going to be a great year. So here’s an update on everything in general. My computer hasn’t been doing to well these days, work and getting everything set up for this semester at college has kept me busy. However even with college  things will be a lot less busy for me once January 12th hit. Pretty much when that day happens my job is going to be out of business so i should be able to have a lot more free time.

Finally got over that cold!

Finally got over that cold!

Hey guys sorry i haven’t been posting lately, work and the cold i’ve had for the last couple of days have kept me at bay. I will start posting soon.once i get rid of this cold.

Hey guys sorry i haven’t been posting lately, work and the cold i’ve had for the last couple of days have kept me at bay. I will start posting soon.once i get rid of this cold.

Kirlia one day shall become the best magic performer out there!


such cuteness

These two are so darn adorable together! ^w^


Scorpion knows that feel